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Lamborghini: Great rivalries with Ferrari

Lamborghini, Ferrari
Very interesting article here about the great rivalries between Lamborghini and Ferrari.

On the one hand you have Ferrari, the legendary marque founded by a notoriously autocratic icon. The cars from Maranello have long been the exotics to love and drive, pedigreed pieces of rolling art and a testament to Enzo Ferrari’s singular, glorious madness.

On the other hand you have Lamborghini, a company born of one man’s dissatisfaction with his Ferrari. Unlike il Commendatore, Italian tractor magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini saw little value in racing, and he would not have gotten into the car business had his personal Ferrari not given him mechanical trouble. As legend has it, Lamborghini presented his concerns to Enzo, who told him to go soak his head, and Ferruccio stormed off, vowing to build a better car.

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Source: Automobile Magazine