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Lamborghini LM002: Sultan of Brunei’s ride for sale

Lamborghini LM002
A very unique Lamborghini LM002 is up for sale!

But the Rambo Lambo, as it was known, was sold as a four-door short-bed pickup of sorts. That didn’t cut it for the famously car crazy Sultan of Brunei, who apparently had this custom LM002 wagon built to his specifications.

It can seat seven in exotic opulence, complete with leather upholstery, burlwood veneer, television screens, DVD players, electric everything…oh, and a 450 horsepower V12 borrowed from the Countach. Not too shabby, especially for a sport-ute from 1987.

This particular LM is said to be the only one of its kind, and it was reportedly owned by former BMW and Volkswagen chief Bernd Pischetsrieder after it left Brunei.

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Source: Autoblog