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Porsche 911: Efficiency test against Toyota Prius

Porsche 911
Hilarious and interesting efficiency drive video here of the Porsche 911 against the Toyota Prius. The winner? Have a look.

We can think of a few natural competitors to the reigning hybrid champ, the Toyota Prius, when it comes to a fuel efficiency test. For instance, the Honda Insight is a logical choice, as are other midsize hybrid offerings like the Ford Fusion. Still others compare the mileage possibilities offered by the Volkswagen Jetta TDI with the Prius in both city and highway fuel mileage contests. All that’s been done to death, though, so Channel 4 in the UK went a totally different route: comparing the fuel mileage of a Porsche 911 with Toyota’s hybrid hatchback.

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Source: Autoblog