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Porsche Cayman: Belt up and drive

Porsche Cayman
Another nice review of the Porsche Cayman. Have a read!

So, here’s the new Porsche Cayman. It’s not cheap because it’s a Porsche. But it’s the cheapest Porsche with a roof on that you can buy. (The Boxster convertible is a few pounds cheaper.) A 911 GT2 costs £130,000. With a bit of haggling, you could get four Caymans for that. Bargain.

And why spend more? The latest Cayman comes with a 2.9 litre engine (up from a 2.7 in the outgoing model). It shoots away like a wad of paper off a plastic ruler, corners as though on rails, and has a chassis thrillingly stiff enough to send the thump and shudder of the road through your seat, which your passenger may well describe as “uncomfortable”, but which you, as a Porsche driver, can call “informative”. And cut-price it might be, but it doesn’t stint on the trademark Porsche sensation: a few minutes in, you cease to feel you’re driving it and start to feel that you’re wearing it.

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Source: Times Online, photo by Porsche