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Porsche Panamera: Gemballa Mistrale mod unveiled

Porsche Panamera
Gemballa has unveiled the Gemballa Mistrale which is based on the Porsche Panamera. Make our own mind.

Regardless, Gemballa built some new body panels for the Mistrale, which we’ll assume is based on the mighty Turbo, including an all new front clip with a carbon fiber lip and intakes plus extra vertical brake-cooling ducts. The hood has a couple of matching slashes in it (presumably to cool a more powerful motor), as does the rear bumper for even more brake cooling. The best looking body-mod has to be the exhaust pipes, which have all been moved up and inboard, giving the big sedan real supercar cachet. And of course, 22-inch wheels because why on earth not?

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Source: Autoblog