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VW Caravelle, VW California, VW Transporter: Next generation released

VW Caravelle, VW California, VW Transporter
The next-generation VW Caravelle, VW California and VW Transporter has been released.

Meet the new VW Caravelle (passenger van), Transporter (cargo van) and California (camper van – not shown). These Golf-nosed successors to not only the Transporter, but the Vanagon and Eurovan, will be making their refreshed debuts in a few short weeks at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Beyond receiving a new shnoz, other tweaks include a range of common rail TDI engines, new rear-light clusters, more aerodynamic side mirrors, touchscreen navigation, USB connectivity, updated ESP and a hill-start assist feature. Plus, you can get either van with a manual gearbox.

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Source: Autoblog