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VW: Future US lineup revealed, Phaeton to come back

An interview with Stefan Jacoby has revealed the future VW lineup in the US and yes, again, the VW Phaeton will come back.

Jacoby’s primary diagnosis of VW’s US market woes is that the brand is “too much positioned in the corners, in the niches of this big market.” Which means VW’s lamentable (from the enthusiast perspective) trend towards offering blandified US-specific models will only accelerate. Jacoby envisions a car lineup starting with a Polo (”or a car in the range of a Polo”), and moving up to a “New Midsize Sedan” in the Civic mold. From there?

We are looking at the truck segment as well. The Tiguan (compact SUV) has been very well received, but it’s imported out of Europe so we can’t realize the volumes that we could get out of that segment. So we are investigating a second product for Chattanooga, either a compact SUV or another SUV model. Above the midsize new sedan, we’ll have another product, like the Avalon for Toyota. That’s our strategy, to have a lineup ending with the Phaeton (luxury sedan). We will bring the Phaeton back to the market.

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Source: The Truth About Cars