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VW Golf Plus: Caught testing on US soil

VW Golf Plus
The VW Golf Plus has been caught testing in the US.

Based on the Mark VI Golf/Jetta/GTI platform, the Golf Plus is a Europe-only model that offers a little extra room over the regular five-door Golf. (In the U.S., we’re currently on the Mark V platform; the MkVI arrives stateside for 2010.)

In the U.K. a Golf Plus can be yours for the equivalent of $23,600; range-toppers hit $34,600. There’s a choice of six engines, including a hyper-green BlueMotion model that returns 65.7 mpg, or about 54 mpg by U.S. measurements. Fold the rear seats and cargo capacity is a roomy 51 cubic feet, five more than a regular Golf.

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Source: Car and Driver