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Audi Clean Diesel: TDI Coast to Coast challenge

Audi TDI Coast to Coast
Once again Audi of America is using the power of Facebook for one of their challenges: a clean diesel coast to coast rallye and you can be part of it!

Experience an interactive, cross-country road trip in an Audi TDI vehicle with Audi TDI Coast to Coast Rally. Challenge users in races that test your performance-tweaking skills, complete environmental tasks and enter to win a 24-month lease of a 2010 Audi A3 TDI.

Audi TDI Coast to Coast Rally is based on points you accumulate from Race Challenges, Do Your Part tasks and friend invitations. Every day you are allowed one move every 2 hours. Each move consists of a mandatory Race Challenge, which tests your vehicle settings against an opponent as well as an optional Do Your Part challenge, which gives you bonus points for completing environmental based tasks. Race Challenges are a test of your TDI vehicle’s performance settings relative to your opponent’s settings. For instance, a Race Challenge will consist of fuel economy, acceleration, handling and top speed, with one of them weighted more heavily than the others. You will receive bonus points for defeating a higher-level opponent in a Race Challenge. You can also bolster your point total by inviting friends to participate in the game.

Apply your points to your TDI vehicle settings to increase your chances of winning future Race Challenges. However, keep in mind that spending earned points on your vehicle will reduce your point total and lower your leaderboard position. In other words, use your points wisely and find your right balance in the race from coast to coast. Now get out there and start the rally.

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Source: Audi of America