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Audi: Nice overview of 100 years of history

Audi 100 years
We found a nice overview of Audi’s 100 years of history. Have a look! It’s a worthwhile stop.

The history of Audi is inexplicably fused with Porsche. Before the company came into the VW fold in 1964, its most famous car was not even a road car.

Auto Union was best known for its forbidding pre-war racing cars. Silver Arrows racing cars dominated circuit racing at the time and carried the design signature of Ferdinand Porsche, founder of the famous sportscar company.

After the war most of Audi’s fare was rather uninspiring two-stroke DKWs.

Soon after the company was taken over by VW in 1964 and purged of its naming heritage – there was a lot of baggage, constituting the lineage of four brands, Audiwerke, DKW, Horch and Wanderer – the 72 model, the first real Audi, debuted. The 100 followed, a car which brought Audi to prominence in the early 1970s.

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Source: Wheels24