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Porsche Boxster R: Spy shots!

Porsche Boxster R
Here are new spy shots of the Porsche Boxster R!

…our sources inside Porsche have revealed that this open-top is a special, harder version of the sports car that will be revealed by the end of 2009, probably at the LA show.

Externally this special edition differs from its banal brothers thanks to a lower front bumper (with single rather than double strakes across the intakes – all important to the people that might buy this car), plus new side intakes and a bigger rear spoiler. And beneath that disguised rear deck is thought to be a double-bubble Speedster-style hump.

Under the skin this new Porsche is expected to use the 3.4-litre flat-six currently found in the Boxster S, but with a few tweaks to lift power closer to 320bhp.

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Source: Car Magazine