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Porsche Panamera: Sharing platform with other VW brands?

Porsche Panamera
The Porsche Panamera is said to share its platform with other Volkswagen brands.

For Bentley, it could provide a new platform with which to replace the Continental GT, although the substantial differences in the heights of the Continental and the Panamera could make it unsuitable, and the British company may already have selected Audi’s lightweight aluminium MLB structure as part of its campaign to reduce weight (the Panamera’s platform is steel).

For Bugatti, Porsche’s platform offers the possibility of a front-engined model of either two or four doors, but while a five-door GT model might provide a complement to Audi’s successful R8 supercar, the Panamera’s steel structure and the substantial market overlap between these models are likely to rule it out for Ingolstadt.

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Source: Inside Line