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VW Golf: Design boss can’t sleep because of next generation

Walter De'Silva
Interesting article here about VW’s design boss Walter De’Silva and the reason he can’t sleep: the next-generation VW Golf.

He revealed that the biggest challenge in his lifetime is currently represented by design of the future Golf 7 model. He says that after taking over the design department of VAG, the new version literally kept him from sleeping.

de’Silva revealed that he can’t sleep at night when he thinks of the new Golf. The model will be redesigned from head to toe, and might arrive around 2012. Work is already underway so de’Silva must repay the confidence that has been invested in him.

Another interesting statement from the Italian designer is in regards to the personal time, as it seems that de’Silva spent more time with the Volkswagen group boss, Dr. Winterkorn, than he spent with his wife.

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Source: rpmgo