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VW Golf: Spy shots of 7th generation!

VW Golf
Here are some of the first spy shots of the 7th generation VW Golf, expected for 2012!

These latest spy shots depict a test-mule of the new car, revealing it will feature a wider stance than the current model.

As for the new MkVII, Volkswagen is working on a much more efficient platform and engine lineup. It is for this reason the automaker is speeding up the introduction of a new MkVII Golf.

This new MkVII will feature a clear emphasis on environmental cleanliness, a theme that will carry throughout the Golf lineup. Its platform, known internally as the MQB (Modular Querbaukaste–denoting small to midsized family cars with transverse engines), has been described by the automaker’s chief of development, Ulrich Hackenberg, as a major turning point for the Golf. He previously explained that it will allow engineers to implement a much broader range of drivetrains, hinting at the possibility of alternative fuels playing a role in the next Golf.

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Source: Motor Authority