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VW: Will design more for America says Chief Designer

VW’s Chief Designer Mr. Bischoff has declared to design more for the US. Good news for all US VW lovers!

Mr. Bischoff, who has helped define VW’s design language, from the smiley face on the electric concept E-Up to the swoopy lines of the Passat CC to the stubby, uncluttered body of the new Golf, was dressed in a conservative suit. He spoke about his affection for America. “Designing cars specifically for the American market will pay off for Volkswagen,” he said. “At the moment, not one of those is being built. Our cars now are built for European roads. In the moment, we struggle. But wait.”

Mr. Bischoff’s “wait” refers to the midsize car that will be built in a VW plant that’s under construction in Chattanooga, Tenn. The car is yet to be named, although it is due to start production in 2011. “For the U.S., I think attractiveness, quality and sustainability are the three most important factors,” Mr. Bischoff said. Considering the new model, he added, “the design must be unique, even though a sedan is a sedan is a sedan.”

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Source: The New York Times