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Audi A1: More intel about model range

Audi A1
Here’s more intel about the Audi A1 model range.

Audi top brass last night outlined plans for the 2010 launch of the new Audi A1 family, including a whole range of A1 hatchbacks and potentially A1 estates, convertibles and small 4x4s.

The Audi A1 will be positioned slap bang against BMW’s burgeoning Mini family when UK sales begin in autumn 2010, priced from around £11,000.

The new A1 three-door hatch will be unveiled first at the 2010 Geneva motor show, with continental sales kicking off next summer. Right hand drive markets follow a few months later in September 2010.

‘We will start with the three-door version with several different engine variants,’ Schwarzenbauer told us. ‘Will we do further models? Look at what we do with the A3 range – we could something similar with the A1.’

That points to a three-door A1 hatchback (based on the 2007 Metroproject concept), a five-door A1 Sportback (the eponymous 2008 concept), an A1 Convertible and an A1-based SUV to battle Mini’s forthcoming Crossover. No prizes for guessing that’ll be badged Q1.

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Source: Car Magazine