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Audi R4: The Audi e-tron becomes alive!

Audi R4
The Audi e-tron will see it’s debut in the form of the Audi R4. Here’s the preview!

The R4 is also likely to spawn petrol-engined versions, giving the R8 a much anticipated smaller brother coupé that sits above the TT in the range.

Wowing crowds with its zero emissions electric powertrain, the e-tron was a big hit at Frankfurt. But only now has Audi of America’s president Johan de Nysschen confirmed the Tesla Roadster rival will reach showrooms.

The project is likely to be helped by Audi’s joint venture with fellow VW Group firm, Porsche, which will see the R4 share a new chassis with the next-generation Boxster and Cayman.

This new sports car range will feature an electric version at the very top of the line-up, with petrol versions underneath.

Audi R4

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Source: Auto Express