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Audi RS5: Debut at Essen Motor Show?

Audi RS5
Street word has it that the Audi RS5 will celebrate its debut at the Essen Motor Show.

Thanks to a tip from a well connected AUSmotive reader I have strong reason to believe Audi’s highly anticipated RS5 über-coupé will be making its debut in a bit over a month at the 2009 Essen Motor Show (28 November-6 December).

As expected, the RS5 will be powered by a normally aspirated V8. It is understood the power output from the 4163cc engine will be around 330kW (450PS) and it is likely to be labelled a 4.2 FSI HDZ. The HDZ badging loosley translates as “high rev concept” and like the RS4 before it the new RS5’s powerplant will be a free flowing high revving affair with high torque levels available from 2500rpm.

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Source: AUSmotive