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Audi S5: How to stream music over iPhone Bluetooth with Audi Music Interface

Audi Music Interface
Fourtitude has a nice report about streaming music over Bluetooth to the Audi Music Interface with your iPhone. Check it out!

From an infotainment perspective, one of the serious advantages of the new B8 chassis as utilized for the S5 is the use of the MOST fiber optic system. By upgrading its latest B-segment offerings to MOST, Audi was able to install its MMI (Multi-Media Interface) functionality first pioneered in the A8. Along with MMI came the compatibility of the Audi Music Interface, a component that can pair most any MP3 or music device with the S5’s sound system, including full integration of an iPod or iPhone.

Up until last June Apple’s iPhone wasn’t compatible but new A2DP communication logic that is required for compatibility with Audi’s Bluetooth music adapter, but the iPhone OS update has changed that by adding A2DP compatiblity.

The kit itself from Audi is easy to install. An AMI software update is included on a USB memory stick connected via the music interface’s basic USB cable.

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Source: Fourtitude