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Audi TT: Expert review

Audi TT
Nice expert review of the Audi TT.

We were a bit surprised by this TT’s quickness, as the Quattro is 250 pounds heavier than the front-driver and has the same horsepower and gearing. We’d guess that the weight gain is offset by the S tronic’s launch-control system that elevates engine revs and then dumps the clutch automatically. In the front-driver, the result of a hard launch is a moment of wheelspin before the tires hook up; with all-wheel drive, the TT simply bolts forward without drama. Other than the tidier launches and lack of front wheelspin, the TT 2.0T Quattro is virtually identical to the front-driver. Even with the extra weight and friction of the Quattro system, the TT’s deft sports-car reflexes remain intact, as do its impressively strong brakes and tenacious skidpad grip. We got respectable fuel economy of 23 mpg.

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Source: MSN