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Bentley Continental: Hybrid coming?

Bentley Continental
Rumor has it that Bentley is working on a petrol-electric drivetrain for the next-generation Bentley Continental.

It’s famous for big, powerful and thirsty cars – but luxury maker Bentley is going eco-friendly by launching a new engine which will reduce CO2 emissions by an incredible 40 per cent. And it could be a hybrid.

Following on from the Continental Supersports – the first model from the firm that runs on E85 bioethanol – the new powertrain will arrive in 2011, most likely in the Continental’s replacement.

It would slash CO2 from the current 396g/km to less than 240g/km. And as the new Conti will get a light aluminium body, it could emit less than 225g/km – taking the model out of the top road tax bracket for the first time.

Details remain secret for now, but it’s likely to be a new type of hybrid, with an engine that can run on biofuel, petrol or a combination of the two – similar to the Supersports.

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Source: Auto Express