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Bentley Continental Supersports: Convertible being seriously considered

Bentley Continental Supersports
A convertible version of the Bentley Continental Supersports is being considered in Crewe.

While attending the launch of Bentley’s new 204-mph Continental Supersports coupe—which is pretty damn nice, by the way—I asked Bentley insiders about the possibility of a Supersports ragtop, and they told me it is being seriously considered.

It’s no done deal, though. Indeed, according to Bentley, the Supersports coupe itself wasn’t part of the Continental’s original product plan, but rather is the outcome of simultaneous engineering developments that eeked 21 more hp and 37 additional lb-ft of torque from its 6.0-liter W-12 engine, coaxed faster shifts from its six-speed automatic, and lightened some chassis components. The result, as I found, is a very interesting, if spontaneous by product-planning standards, interpretation of the ultimate Bentley performance car. How can they top that? Well, by untopping it, of course, with a convertible version.

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Source: Car and Driver