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Porsche 356 Speedster: Battery-powered replica found on ebay

Porsche 356 Speedster
If you are looking for an electric car and don’t want a boring ride like a Toyota Prius, here might be something for you: a battery-powered Porsche 356 Speedster replica.

The Beck 356 speedster used for this car has a fiberglass body on a steel tube frame, making it lighter than the original.

The electric propulsion system uses a 193 hp DC motor and 23 kWh of lithium iron phosphate storage. The power electronics are custom built and the energy storage system consists of 72 Thundersky cells arranged in the front and back of the car. The cells are rated for 2,000 charge cycles if only 80 percent of their capacity is used. That gives the car a nominal range of 85 miles although the seller says he once drove 107 miles and still had juice left. The auction currently sits at just over $25,000.

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Source: Autoblog Green