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Porsche Boxster Turbo: Spy photos and video!

Porsche Boxster Turbo
We found a spy video and some new spy photos of the Porsche Boxster Turbo. Click the “read more” link below for the video and have a look!

At first glance, this prototype of the 2011 Porsche Boxster looked like it might be an early prototype for a low-slung Speedster model. But after taking a closer look and noting that this test mule has a standard-height windshield, our suspicions turned toward another possibility — four-cylinder power.

Yes, that’s right, Porsche is considering a four-cylinder power plant for the next-generation Boxster. Ever-tightening fuel and emissions standards mean that even Porsche must start considering its fleet average if it wants to sell mid-priced sports cars without huge gas-guzzler taxes.

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Source: Inside Line