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Porsche: Must share 911 and Panamera platform with other brands

Porsche has to share its 911 and Panamera platform with the other brands of the Volkswagen group.

Macht said Porsche will pursue co-operative projects now that it
is part of VW. “Porsche needs to become a strong pillar of VW, as well as having its own production and research and development capabilities. It is important to 
use synergies as well as having independence,” he said

These synergies include Porsche components being offered to sister firms. “The Panamera platform could be used by other brands for models that are in development and at the concept stage,” Macht said.

When asked if the 911 platform was also on the table, Macht said it “could be made available to other VW brands”. But apart from the Cayenne’s V6, Porsche will not use any other VW Group engines. “Engine development is a core value for Porsche,” Macht said.

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Source: Autocar