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VW Golf GTI: VW first manufacturer to launch new car on mobile device!

VW is now the first manufacturer to launch a new car on a mobile device and more concrete with a fantastic game on the iPhone. Make sure to download!

Real Racing GTI is a pared-down version of Firemint’s Real Racing that Firemint itself has altered: the GTI version of the game has only GTIs to drive and fewer available tracks, but the game mechanics remain the same. There is a heavy social media aspect to the game with the integration of Cloudcell profiles (the same ones used for other regular versions of Firemint games) that allow you to trumpet your GTI-racing abilities on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Along with the launch of the app, Volkswagen is giving away 6 “ultra-special edition” 2010 GTIs, which have special embroidery and carbon fiber accents on the doors and interior, every week for the next 6 weeks.

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Source: TUAW