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VW Golf TDI: Driving report

We found another nice driving report with the VW Golf TDI.

Let’s get the numbers out of the way first. When equipped with the DSG manumatic gearbox, the Golf TDI returns a seriously impressive, EPA certified 31 MPG city, 42 MPG highway.

As for the driving experience, well, while I was doing over 120 MPH, I casually asked my passenger how fast he thought we were going. His honest answer was 80 MPH. Equipped with the sports suspension the MK VI Golf is rock solid at speed, corners with a near complete absence of body roll, changes direction quickly and has very communicative steering for a front-wheel drive car. All that, but it still manages to absorb bumps and ruts like a luxury car. Thank the stiffened body structure for a lot of that. It’s also very quiet at speed, with wind noise around the mirrors only becoming noticeable above 110 MPH. You can carry on a normal volume conversation even while maxed out. Thanks to the insulated firewall and hood liner, you never detect in aural sign that you’re driving a diesel.

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Source: Jalopnik