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VW Touareg TDI: Agile!

VW Touareg TDI
Nice review here of the VW Touareg TDI from Canada.

Braul drove the Touareg around town and on trips to Red Deer and Water Valley.

“It’s beefy, so I was expecting it to be very lethargic and it’s not. It felt fairly agile.” The vehicle, he says, was “car-like” and tight.

The biggest new feature of the Touareg is its diesel engine, which Braul calls “the neatest thing about the whole vehicle. It pulls nice and hard off the line and it’s tempting to dip into that torque because it’s so readily available. It’s very, very quick. The diesel itself is very, very quiet.”

Just how far along VW has brought its diesel technology was illustrated by a simple test, Braul says.

“I put my finger inside the tailpipe and there’s virtually no soot in there at all. Gas engines aren’t any cleaner.”

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Source: Canada.com