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Audi Q7: Reviewed!

Audi Q7
Nice review of the new Audi Q7.

A subtle, elegant approach defines the Q7. It’s not a brutish off-roader in the Land Rover vein, nor a monster truck like the bling-encrusted Cadillac Escalade. Cars.com says the Q7 “looks a lot like a tall, bulked-up wagon.” The Q7’s fastback shape is classy and stylish, with only a high ground clearance to give away the off-road appeal. MyRide points out that it is “more tasteful and elegant than either of its platform mates, the Porsche Cayenne or VW Touareg.” Audi’s huge nose-to-ground grille dominates the front end, while sharp cutlines define the curvy body and athletic profile. MyRide approves of the “horse-collar grille” and says the “tapered greenhouse” maintains a “familial resemblance with the Avant wagons.” ForbesAutos admires the “V-shaped prow” and its “coupe-like roof arch.” Car and Driver observes “every detail…has been sculpted, massaged, and polished.”

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Source: The Car Connection