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Audi S4: A grown-up’s Evo

Audi S4
Interesting review here of the Audi S4, a grown-up’s Evo.

The 2010 Audi S4 is a great car. With 333 supercharged horses and an elegant and well put together interior, what’s not to like?

Audi’s six-speed manual transmission is silky smooth, with a nice short throw. Engine power is plentiful thanks to the supercharger. But unlike most, there is no hint of that blower – no whine, no boost gauge to look at. In fact, it sounds like a normally aspirated V-6 but feels like a V-8.

Inside is absolutely gorgeous. The interior is classy and clean, yet trendy and sporty. Our black on black color scheme with aluminum accents was very nice. I’m not a fan of the electronic emergency brake; I still like the old-fashioned grab handle. But with Audi’s MMI system, there isn’t enough room for an e-brake lever. The seat bolsters wrap around your torso and hold you in, but they’re still comfortable enough for ache-free everyday driving.

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Source: Automobile Magazine