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Audi TTS: Driverless car to climb Pikes Peak

Audi TTS
Stanford is doing it again, but this time with an Audi TTS climbing one of the most famous mountains in Audi’s history: Pikes Peak! See a video below.

Volkswagen Group of America Inc. (VWGoA) and Stanford University’s School of Engineering today unveiled the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory (VAIL), the next step in the evolution of the two organizations’ commitment to drive innovation in automotive development.

The Volkswagen Group has donated $5.75 million to the creation of VAIL, including $2 million for building construction and another $750,000 a year for five years to fund research and teaching activities where Stanford researchers and international visiting scholars will work with automotive equipment manufacturers and Silicon Valley experts.

This continued collaboration builds on Stanford and VWGoA’s already successful partnership, including the development of the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge winner. Stanley, an autonomous driving Touareg, is now on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Stanley was followed in 2007 with an autonomous driving Passat wagon, Junior, that was runner up in the DARPA Urban Challenge.

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Source: Fourtitude