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Bentley: Working on New Compact Bentley model

New Compact Bentley
Bentley is reportedly working on a sub-Continental model called New Compact Bentley.

The car that fits the bill goes by the internal acronym NCB, for New Compact Bentley. Loosely connected to the aluminum-intensive, next-generation Audi A6/A7, NCB could debut as soon as 2014. To keep supply from outstripping demand, output likely will be restricted to no more than 7500 cars per year in two distinct variants.

Management doesn’t want the Continental/Flying Spur body styles repeated on a smaller scale. Instead, the tentative plan is to go with two brand-new offerings: a two-door, four-seat shooting brake (sort of a sporty wagon) and a four-door, five-seat crossover (pictured) described as a Bentley take on the Audi Allroad, which would cover the SUV segment without being overly tall and heavy. (Remember that Bentley chairman Franz-Josef Paefgen fathered the Allroad when he headed Audi but opposed the Q7.)

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Source: Automobile Magazine