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Porsche: How they will be integrated into Volkswagen

We found a very interesting article here about the future of Porsche and their integration into the Volkswagen Group. A must read for every car fan!

To protect and eventually enhance its value, the powers in Wolfsburg will leave no stone unturned to rearrange the product portfolio, to streamline R&D, to shake up purchasing and production, and to ensure a variety of synergies which are estimated to range from €500m to €750m per year.

To protect the iconic new acquisition, Porsche will be put in charge of certain key engineering projects which are bound to involve other nameplates to generate additional volume and to cut cost.

Says a voice from the top: ‘It would be foolish not to explore the Porsche know-how, expertise and sports car leadership. It would be foolish not to let them mastermind what they are best at. But it would be equally foolish to peg future growth on overweight and oversize four-door Porsches.’

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Source: Car Magazine