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Porsche: Limited edition calendar "Designed 4 Ambition"

Porsche Designed 4 Ambition
Porsche has releases a nice, limited edition calendar called “Designed 4 Ambition”.

The Driver’s Perspective calendar provides images of various models, highlighting the Panamera, and comes with a collector’s coin “which shows the motto and the year.” The Designed 4 Ambition Calendar was hatched by the designers at the Development Centre in Weissach and is focused on “extraordinary sporting performance and individual exclusivity,” taking its subject as — you guessed it — the Panamera. It comes with a CD-ROM that also holds a short film and a screensaver, and there will only be 4,000 made.

Finally, the One of a Kind calendar take behind-the-scenes peeks at classic cars, like the Martini Racing car pictured above, of which only one was ever built.

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Source: Autoblog