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Porsche Panamera: A sleek statement

Porsche Panamera
Nice review here of the sleek Porsche Panamera.

How about something fast, sexy, bursting with new technology and handling so sharp it could cut through stone? But with four doors instead of two.

Now that’s different.

First, the Panamera, which can hit 60 mph in 4 seconds or less, is hardly your typical soft sedan. And one drive behind the wheel will convince you that it can more than handle roads as well as other Porsches.

But in this competitive market, everybody has to diversify to survive financially. That’s why Porsche successfully introduced the Cayenne SUV and now the Panamera.

If you already own a Porsche, you’ll feel right at home in the Panamera. Everything in this car has the same look, touch and feel from every other Porsche. The position of the gauges, the “feel behind the wheel,” the satin smooth operation of the controls, to the tasteful two-tone look of the interior all scream “Porsche.”

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Source: Post Gazette