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Volkswagen: Considering F1 engine supply by 2012

Volkswagen F1
Volkswagen is said to be considering supplying engines for the Formula One.

The group’s motorsport chief, Hans-Joachim Stuck, told Autosport that new engine regulations to be introduced to the sport aimed at cutting costs are making the sport more attractive for the firm.

VW was linked to buying into the Red Bull team a few years ago, but Stuck insisted any VW entry now would be as an engine supplier to multiple teams and not as a partner to a team in the same way Brawn has teamed up with Mercedes and BMW partnered Sauber.

“If you’re the world’s largest manufacturer it is natural that we’re thinking about [F1], but not before 2012,” he said. “We’re looking for innovative things, and F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport. Two years ago there was some talk that Volkswagen was going to buy the Red Bull F1 team, which we didn’t need to buy. Why should we stick with one team if we can give our engines to more teams?

“If you buy Red Bull and Adrian Newey wants to go flying or fishing, the team is not successful any more. Look at BMW. They bought this multi-million-dollar wind tunnel and a supercomputer and they now close the doors. Building an engine and providing it to a team is the best way.”

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Source: Autocar