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VW Golf GTI: Crowned as 2010 Automobile of the Year. Again.

The VW Golf GTI has been awarded “2010 Automobile of the Year” by Automobile magazine. Good choice!

Yes, the VW GTI is our Automobile of the Year. Again. The last-generation car got the nod only three years ago and now its successor, the sixth-generation GTI, walks away with the trophy as well. How is it that, for the first time since we started naming an Automobile of the Year exactly twenty years ago, we have deemed a single make and model vehicle worthy of our top award not once, but twice? It’s very simple. Because the Volkswagen GTI continues to burn the affordable-enthusiast-car flame like no other vehicle in the world. Because the new, Mark 6 GTI, although only a mild update to the Mark 5 GTI, made a good thing even better. Because, as we pointed out in our February 2007 issue, the GTI is “the right car for our times. Hell, it’s the right car for any time.” And because, as we also stated three years ago, “what the world really needs now is not cars that are fast, but cars that are practical, fuel-efficient, and fast.” Not to mention affordable and fun. The 2010 VW GTI is all this, and more.

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Source: Automobile Magazine