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VW Golf GTI: Head-on comparison against 3 hot hatch competitors

Interesting comparison here of the VW Golf GTI against 3 other hot competitors.

In Drive’s comparison test, we have chosen three key rivals. The second-generation Mazda3 MPS is almost as new as the GTI, having arrived in July. It continues as the range-topping model of one of Australia’s most popular cars.

Our next competitor is one of the cult performance cars of the past 15 years: the Subaru WRX.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, which rolled out last year, joins our test in hatch, or “Sportback”, form to round out a quartet of circa-$40,000 five-doors.

As with the original GTI, all four are based on mainstream hatchbacks but with more powerful engines, firmer suspension and a sportier look.

So which hot hatch best excels at combining the key elements of price, practicality and performance?

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Source: Drive