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VW New Mid-Size Sedan: 65.000 job seekers want to build it

VW New Mid-Size Sedan
VW of America has received 65.000 job applications to build the new mid-size sedan.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Volkswagen plans to hire 2,000 workers overall; 1,200 for general assembly and another 800 for salaried and skilled positions. Since only one-in-32.5 applicants are likely to be hired, VW is being very selective. Prospective employees will need to pass an aptitude test and be able to perform some basic tasks in order to be considered. Once workers are able to prove their worth, the next step for applicants is to be entered into a lottery for the precious jobs. Only residents of Chattanooga and Hamilton County will be given preferential treatment.

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Source: Autoblog