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VW Touareg: Fresh spy shots of next generation

VW Touareg
Here are some fresh spy shots of the next-generation VW Touareg. Have a look!

The 2011 Touareg will go on a crash diet and be some 300 kilograms lighter! This should certainly help the Touareg’s less-than-stellar fuel economy and improve handling. Along with its weight loss, we’re also hearing the chassis has in fact been lengthened by a few centimetres for a more roomy interior and an optional third row of seats, though we expect that third row will probably amount to jump seats that fold flat.

Styling-wise, the Touareg will be somewhat more sporty and less utilitarian this time around. The most significant changes will appear in the front fascia, grille, headlights, rear fascia and taillights. A moderate update to the interior is likely in store as well.

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Source: Car Advice