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Audi A1: Rendered preview

Audi A1
Nice rendered preview here of the Audi A1. Enjoy!

The new word is that the A1 is aiming to deliver a “MINI-like” experience, which, as expected, puts the A1 plainly in competition with BMW’s small offering. Accordingly, that means pricing and performance targets will aim squarely at the MINI as well, which could further explain the rumored choice to eschew available quattro all-wheel drive.

Even the higher-performance models would retain the front-wheel-drive layout, in part due to the A1 sharing much of its underpinnings with the front-driven Volkswagen Polo. With a high-end dealership experience, an affordable car and enough performance and marketing cachet, the A1 may just hit a niche for Audi–even without all-wheel drive.

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Source: Motor Authority