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Audi A2: More intel about its comeback!

Audi A2
We have more intel for you about the comeback of the Audi A2.

THE Audi A2 is making a comeback. Auto Express has learned the German firm plans to resurrect its trailblazing small people carrier. And it will take pride of place as one of the most desirable models in an exciting new compact car range.

The new A1 is set to take the supermini market by storm when it goes on sale next year, and Audi has decided to extend its reach with a fresh compact MPV model. It will draw on the much-loved, innovative A2, originally launched in 2000.

Speaking at the unveiling of the latest A8, Audi boss Rupert Stadler told us: “The A1 will be our smallest car. But there is a gap in our product line-up – between the A3 and the A1 there’s room for an A2.”

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Source: Auto Express