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Audi A6: Best of all classes

Audi A6
The Audi A6 has been named “Best of all classes” in Germany.

The Audi A6 has been awarded the title “Best of all Classes” (88.1 percent) for the second time in a row according to the results of the Faults Report 2010 published by the inspection company DEKRA. The Audi A4 finished second among the cars with the lowest fault rate overall (97.3 percent). The world market leader for vehicle inspections is presenting an award for this achievement for the first time this year. The results of the Faults Report 2010 were announced in Stuttgart today.

The DEKRA experts award the title to the models with the lowest fault rate over a high mileage, thus rewarding high long-term quality. For the “DEKRA Faults Report 2010,” the experts evaluated the reports of more than 15 million main inspections from the last two years. The evaluation only considers faults relevant to used cars, and the most important 150 vehicle models. Details are only registered if at least 1,000 units of the vehicle in question were inspected in the mileage class concerned. According to DEKRA, this special evaluation provides car buyers with an objective purchase guide.

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Source: Fourtitude