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Audi A8: Detroit debut confirmed plus Concept Car showing up!

Audi A8
The Detroit Motor Show will be interesting with the confirmed debut of the new Audi A8 and even a new concept car showing up!

We’ve known for a while that the all-new Audi A8 would be first seen at an auto show in Detroit following its unveiling at last month’s Design Miami event. What we internally wondered was if Ingolstadt would bring more to Motown than the A8 given the down economy and their choice to pull out entirely of the Essen Motor Show also last month. We’ve now received confirmation and news is good.

A rumor internally pointed to a second reveal – a concept car that is a showcase for technology… hybrid? electric? hydrogen fuel cell? flux capacitor??? No one would say. They’re still not really saying but a statement coming out of Ingolstadt today giving satellite feed details for their press conference says the following…

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Source: Fourtitude