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Audi A8: Q&A with Audi’s head Rupert Stadler

Audi A8
Very interesting Q&A here with Audi’s head Rupert Stadler about the new Audi A8.

What about a four cylinder A8?

Why not? But this is not a question for engineers, it’s a question for the customer. I’ve driven a four-cylinder A8, so it’s possible, but customers are also asking for a 12-cylinder version. In the current A8 we made a 199 g/km version, but it hasn’t been attractive to customers.

What about other environmental tech?

We want to take out weight and want to further diesel and FSI technology. We can still improve fuel consumption. In fact, the average fuel consumption in the new A8 has fallen by 20 per cent. But we will not position Audi as a green car brand – we will fulfil regulations – but we are also an emotional brand.

How about making cars in the US?

In the long run we need to make cars in the US, but it needs to be the right product for the market. There’s no sense in exporting 80 to 90 per cent of them back to Europe.

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Source: Autocar