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Audi A8: Technology preview

Audi A8
Interesting technology preview of the new Audi A8, a worthy read.

Audi has a thing for lights recently, and the A8’s LEDs got plenty of airtime at the launch ceremony, with British designer Tom Dixon crooning over the car’s “anti-gravity luminosity.” We’re not quite sure what that is, but any headlight assembly that packs in more than 40 LEDs on each corner has to be something special.

In the cabin, Audi’s new luxobarge offers the usual lineup of entertainment and information systems with a few head-turning features, including an optional handwriting recognition system for navigation inputs, an updated MMI interface, and an optional 1,400-watt Bang and Olufsen audio system. Other notable innovations include an intelligent link between the car’s navigation system and other onboard systems, including the adaptive cruise control, gearbox, and–of course–the headlights.

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Source: CNet