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Audi Australia: The rocket man is going home

Joerg Hoffmann
Very interesting article about Audi Australia’s head Joerg Hoffmann who is leaving after 5 years and going back to Germany.

WHEN Joerg Hofmann arrived in Australia five years ago, Audi was an also-ran in the luxury car market.

It trailed its direct, established rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz by significant margins, had a lacklustre dealer network and little brand awareness among premium buyers.

Mr Hofmann is credited with invigorating Audi in Australia and tackling BMW and Mercedes head-on.

This year Audi will sell about 11,000 cars, compared with 3500 in 2004.

It is on track to grow by 20 per cent this year in a new car market that is down about 10 per cent.

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Source: Herald Sun