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Audi R8: BMW, Mercedes watch this! quattro weather galore!

After watching this video of an Audi R8 in a blizzard you will understand the term “quattro weather” and immediately understand why Audi’s technology is superior. We love it!

New York Times and Automobile contributor Ezra Dyer may have found the perfect German exotic for New England winters: the Audi R8. True, the R8 is pretty low to the ground, but it also makes good use of Audi’s superb Quattro all-wheel drive system and thanks to its mid-engine layout much of the weight sits over the rear wheels. But even the best AWD is useless when providing spin for four summer tires, so the snow white model Dyer was piloting around the northeast winter wonderland also had four of the widest winter tires you can find.

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Source: Autoblog