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Bentley Mulsanne: Yours from $285.000

Bentley Mulsanne
Bentley has announced the price of the Bentley Mulsanne, $285.000.

“Even at this very early stage, the expression of interest we’ve received easily exceeds our 2010 production targets,” said Stuart McCullough, member of the board for sales and marketing for Bentley. “We’ve been encouraged by the positive commentary, notably from our American customers as the Mulsanne was privately previewed in seven metro markets across the country.”

So what do you get for $285,000? For starters, plenty of decisions. There are 114 paint colors to choose from, 21 carpet colors, 9 wood veneers and 24 leather hides. Naturally, custom colors are also available at a premium. Each Mulsanne will take nine weeks to build.

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Source: The New York Times