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Lamborghini LP570-4 SV: Coming to Geneva Motor Show?

Lamborghini LP570-4 SV
Street word has it that the Lamborghini LP570-4 SV will come to the Geneva Motor Show. Let’s cross fingers!

According to the Lamborghini lovers at the Teamspeed Forums, there’s a new, even higher-performance version of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 on the way to the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. No surprise, really, as the Gallardo’s successor isn’t expected until 2012 or so, and Lambo is always working on improving the breed.

We’re told to expect a 10-horsepower bump up to 570 ponies, which will then be distributed to all four wheels (making this the LP570-4, naturally). A stripped-down interior (a la the Gallardo Superlegerra), an updated aero package including a new front spoiler and a large carbon fiber rear wing, a reworked front suspension arrangement, and carbon ceramic brakes may also be in the works.

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Source: Autoblog